Designing a Made-in-Canada China Strategy: Leveraging Urban Soft-power Advantage (Coming Soon)


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Canada is a Pacific nation with an unprecedented opportunity to enhance its competitive advantage globally by building a strategic partnership with China.

The key to developing a successful Canada-China relationship that is mutually beneficial is to maximize the strategic options available to Canadian political, business, and community leaders.

This strategy design book provides Canadian leaders with a comprehensive framework for engaging with China that goes beyond the transactional approach of a trade-based foreign policy.

How this Guidebook is Structured

Part One (The Pivot) provides an overview of Canada’s “mini-pivot” to China in the context of increasing geo-political risk and geo-economic uncertainty.

Part Two (The Challenge) examines the structural challenges that Canada and China confront as they transition to knowledge-based global economy.

Part Three (The Opportunity) examines how Canada’s urban “soft-power” advantage can be leveraged more effectively to expand the number of strategic options available to Canadian political and business leaders.

Part Four (The Strategy) provides an iterative strategy design model as a way of creating powerful synergies in critical economic areas that augment the country’s status as a secondary global power.