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Article provided by: RC Iphone Repair

cracked screen repair Sacramento

cracked screen repair Sacramento

Benefits of Choosing RCI iPhone Repair for Cracked Screen Repair in Sacramento:

There are numerous places where you could take your phone for a cracked screen repair. Choosing the first result that appears on the Google result is not always the best option. If you’re searching online for a service shop that offers affordable repairs to cell phone’s that are cracked or damaged, we invite you to see why more locals bring their phones in to our shop. At RCI iPhone Repair, we offer low rates on timely, reliable repairs, so you’ll walk out of our doors 100% satisfied with the service we’ve provided to you.

A lot of shops won’t work on your iPhone or iDevice if you didn’t buy a warranty or if your warranty has expired. That’s not the case at our shop. We provide out-of-warranty touch screen repairs for our clients when other repair locations turn them away.

An affordable cracked screen repair in our Sacramento location can save you a lot of money over purchasing a new device. In fact, it costs just pennies on the dollar to pay for a screen repair rather than shopping for a new phone. You can reduce the frequency of new device purchases by bringing your phone in to our shop for timely repairs, whether they’re large or small. New equipment costs a lot of money, which you can most likely put to better use. Make sure you’re getting the full life span out of your iDevice by having one of our techs accurately diagnose the problem and get it repaired.

At RCI iPhone Repair, we don’t just fix cell phones, we build relationships that last. Building a rapport within our community makes it cost-effective to bring your device in anytime you’re experiencing issues with it. Our techs strive to build a relationship with every customer so that if you should return with another issue, they’re already familiar with your system. We provide service and parts our customers are unable to locate at other locations, both to save you money and time.

Choose our shop for your cracked screen repair in Sacramento and expect complete satisfaction from start to finish. Where else in the city can you find an iPhone repair shop that guarantees 100% satisfaction, accuracy with billing and repairs completed according to your schedule?

We welcome your phone call if you need to speak with a technician prior to making the drive down to our shop. We have two convenient locations to serve the area: our Davis location, and our Broadway shop in Sac. Feel free to call or stop in to discuss your phone’s issues with one of our specialists and ask for a repair quote to compare with other repair shops across Sacramento. We’d love to make you a satisfied customer. Just let us know how we can serve you and meet your needs. Send your questions to or call 916-407-9555.

cracked screen repair Sacramento
RC Iphone Repair
cracked screen repair Sacramento
218 E St
Davis CA 95616.

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