About VSIR

VSIR Vision

To become a premier knowledge innovation and strategic intelligence enterprise for the Vancouver region within the next five years.

VSIR Mission

To collaborate with enterprising organizations in the co-design of knowledge mobilization strategies that advance intelligent decision-making, exceptional value creation, and managerial foresight.

Value Proposition

A catalyst for interdisciplinary networking and organizational learning, VSIR works in collaboration with enterprising organizations building the mission-critical knowledge assets and strategic culture needed to succeed in the 21stcentury global knowledge economy.

What VSIR Can Do

Our integrated products and services are also designed to foster confidence and managerial foresight at multiple decision-points along the knowledge value chain. We can also assist you in designing a fit-for-purpose knowledge mobilization strategy that matures as your unique requirements and preferences evolve.

How VSIR Adds Value

Strategically located in an emerging innovation centre, VSIR helps you create lasting value by accelerating knowledge transfers, fostering organizational learning, and developing a strategic culture. We also strengthen your competitive advantage through the early detection of emerging opportunities and intersecting risks.