Vancouver Strategic & Integrated Research

A Management Consultancy

Vancouver Strategic & Integrated Research

A Management Consultancy


Turning your ideas into action, translating your insights into knowledge, and leveraging your collective intelligence for strategic advantage.


Vancouver Strategic and Integrated Research is a Canadian management consultancy that provides knowledge-based solutions and strategic intelligence for enterprising organizations committed to social and economic value creation.

VSIR is committed to creating exceptional value for enterprising organizations by helping them to accelerate the flow of ideas, insights, and knowledge.

Our integrated products and services are designed to establish a baseline knowledge capacity, scale up organizational learning, and to foster intelligent decision-making. Our products include a step-by-step process for making the most of your mission-critical knowledge resources.

VSIR also uses innovative analytical methods to make sense of the complex intersection of international geopolitics, global mobility, and urban economic innovation. We can assist you in deciphering emerging risks and opportunities ahead of the competition.

A catalyst for interdisciplinary networking and organizational learning, VSIR collaborates with its clients in designing fit-for-purpose knowledge mobilization strategies.  

Our strategy design process is ideal for enterprising organizations interested in fostering managerial foresight and confident decision-making along the value chain.


My mission as a knowledge broker is to drive strategic discussions that foster intelligent decision-making and which enable managerial foresight at various points along the value chain. Instead of just capturing or curating existing knowledge assets, I want to work in partnership towards the co-creation of exceptional value by importing ideas from different perspectives and by combining them in an integrated manner.

Grant Duckworth

Founder, VSIR

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