Vancouver Strategic & Integrated Research


Vancouver Strategic and Integrated Research is a Canadian management consultancy that provides knowledge-based solutions and strategic intelligence for public and private sector clients.

A catalyst for interdisciplinary networking and organizational learning, VSIR collaborates with its clients to enhance their strategic agility and competitive advantage.

Our integrated products and services are designed to foster foresight and confidence at multiple decision points along the enterprise value chain.

Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge mobilization is a proactive process that uses multi-disciplinary practices and tools to initiate two-way communication between “producers” and “consumers” in support of intelligent decision-making.

What is the Value of KM?

A well-designed knowledge mobilization strategy supports a holistic understanding of the strategic environment through a critical analysis of what is known, what is not known, and will need to be known in the near-future.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic intelligence synthesizes different analyses of global or regional transformations to create a comprehensive overview of seemingly disparate or ambiguous events that is meaningful for the consumer.

Why is SI Important?

Strategic intelligence provides managers with the situational awareness they need to effectively manage risk and to seize new value-added opportunities ahead of their competitors.


My mission as a knowledge broker is to drive strategic discussions that foster intelligent decision-making and which enable managerial foresight at various points along the value chain. Instead of just capturing or curating existing knowledge assets, I want to work in partnership towards the co-creation of exceptional value by importing ideas from different perspectives and by combining them in an integrated manner.

Grant Duckworth

Founder, VSIR

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