Getting Smarter Together: Scaling-up Organizational Learning


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This is the second guidebook in the Knowledge Mobilization Accelerator series. It is designed for organizations which have established a baseline knowledge mobilization capability and would like to develop a knowledge infrastructure with well-defined processes that produce cascading results.

This guidebook contains a portfolio of frugal knowledge-transfer and knowledge-translation techniques for:

  • Establishing a baseline capacity;
  • Building a well-designed infrastructure, and;
  • Establishing norms of knowledge sharing and collaboration across the organization.

How this Guidebook is Structured

Part One sets the context for the discussion with a brief overview of knowledge mobilization. This section defines knowledge mobilization, explains its growing importance, and describes the process of knowledge creation.

Part Two is the centerpiece of Getting Smarter Together. It outlines the main components of the Knowledge Mobilization Accelerator, an action-oriented framework for catalyzing productive knowledge exchanges across the entire organization. It features a design process based on your specific needs and preferences.

Part Three provides practitioners with seven templates with different activities designed to address an identified knowledge gap, promote organizational learning, and to scale-up enterprise–wide knowledge exchanges. Each template contains additional options that practitioners can use to introduce greater flexibility into their strategy design process. In this section, you will also find a five-part evaluation matrix for measuring your organization’s knowledge mobilization performance and development.