Jun 25, 2018



Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS)

SFU Harbour Centre

Description: Cross-border migration flows continue to rise internationally. This intensifies inter-cultural relations, accelerates peer-to-peer engagements, and opens new pathways for knowledge creation. But cross-border movements also present enormous economic, political and security risks which can be debilitating if the global migration-security nexus is not effectively managed.

Background: The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS) is a nonpartisan, voluntary organization established in 1985. As part of its mandate, CASIS Vancouver is committed to studying the role of security and intelligence services in society, to fostering the accumulation of knowledge about such activities, and to promoting an improved understanding of the relationship between security, intelligence, governance, and Canadian values.

Note: CASIS roundtable discussions adhere to Chatham House rules. As such, no details of this presentation will be made available.
However, a document prepared as part of the VSIR Strategic Intelligence series, A Primer on the Global Knowledge-Mobility Nexus, provides some relevant background and insights.

Speaker and Agenda: http://casisvancouver.ca/1_5_roundtables-and-briefings.html