Fast-tracking In-House Expertise: Enabling Tactical Knowledge Transfers


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This is the premier guidebook in the Knowledge Mobilization Accelerator series. It is designed for organizations interested in establishing a baseline capacity in knowledge mobilization.

This handbook contains a portfolio of frugal processes and techniques for:

  • Capturing and retaining hard-to-replicate knowledge;
  • Accelerating experiential knowledge transfers between experts and new-entry employees, and;
  • Mitigating the risk of sudden or unexpected human capital loss.

How this Guidebook is Structured

Part One sets the context for the discussion with a brief overview of knowledge mobilization. This section defines knowledge mobilization, explains its growing importance, and describes the process of knowledge creation.

Part Two is the centerpiece of Fast-Tracking In-House Expertise. It outlines the main components of the Knowledge Mobilization Accelerator, an action-oriented framework for capturing and curating mission-critical, experiential knowledge resources. It features a strategy design process based on your specific needs and preferences.

Part Three provides knowledge practitioners with six templates corresponding to a different activity that they can adopt to enhance existing capacity, address a potential vulnerability, or close an identified knowledge gap. Each template also provides format variations for greater tactical flexibility and versatility.